Our debt collection process 

At Atradius Collections, we are committed to being transparent with you about our debt collection process.
This page explains what happens once you place a debt collection case with us online.

1. Your case is assigned to a collection expert

It is easier for your customers to discuss their debts in their mother tongues.
That is why we have a network of collection experts in more than 30 countries worldwide. They speak your customers' languages and understand their cultures. They also understand the local law and collection procedures. These advantages usually lead to greater success in debt recovery.

2. We reach out to your debtors

We use all available information to reach your debtors, including phone calls, emails, post and fax.
We also trace them by other available means if necessary.

3. We evaluate the collection progress

We make every attempt to amicably recover your debt in full.
If your debtors do not respond to our amicable approach, we may adopt different tactics to engage them.
We first consider their responsiveness, debt levels and overall financial position.
This may lead us to propose a payment plan, which often yields the best results and maintains positive relations with your debtors.
Alternatively, we may consider legal action or insolvency monitoring as the best course of action.

4. You receive regular updates on your case

There are two easy ways to stay up-to-date with your case’s progress.
You can send a direct message to your assigned collector or monitor your case 24/7, both of which are available on our online platform.

5. Your debt is paid in full or in instalments

You will receive an invoice for our introduction fee. You can also view and download the invoice by logging in to our online platform at any time.
Once we recover your debt, we reimburse you in part or in full minus our collection costs.
Please note that we attempt to recover the fee directly from the debtor in countries where it is permitted by law.

Start getting paid now

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