Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our services and debt collection process.


1. What are the services you provide?

We have several services that we offer and can be tailored based on your needs. Please click here for more details about our services.

2. How do you recover outstanding debts?

Letters, emails and calls are often used as part of our amicable collection process. The exact sequence of our letters and calls varies per country, based on Atradius Collections' experience of what is most effective in the region. For all countries, the first reminder letter is sent within 48 hours since the receipt of the collection case. For some countries, we visit the debtor's premises at an additional expense – but this situation is irregular.
The next steps depend on the country where the debt is located. A follow-up call is usually made between 1–10 days after the first reminder. Additional reminders and calls are also made to the debtor at differing intervals if there is no immediate positive response from the debtor.

3. How do you reach debtors?

We try to reach debtors by emails, phone calls and sometimes even by fax, depending on the information at hand. We also attempt to find additional information and trace the debtors in order to get in contact. In some circumstances, we may use partnered agents to call the debtors' business premises.

4. Can you recover debts that are more than 90 days old?

When it comes to collecting overdue debts, time really is money. The older they are, the harder it is to recover the debts. We do accept old invoices but there are limitations on the invoices' age. If the oldest invoice is 180+ days overdue, an extra 2% commission will be charged on top of the standard collection fee upon successful collections.

5. Can we place multiple collection cases with you?

Yes, you can place as many cases with us as you want. You can also place new cases while others are in progress.

6. What is online debt collection?

Our online debt collection platform enables our customers to stay updated and efficient while we recover their outstanding debts.
This platform allows customers to:
  • Get an obligation-free, instant quote on our amicable debt collection services
  • Become a client online in minutes
  • Access each collection case that is placed with us
  • View the status and actions taken in each case
  • Contact the professional collectors working on each case
  • Produce different reports for each case

7. How do I recover my login details if I lose them?

Just click ‘Forgot login details’ on the login page, then follow the prompts. Alternatively, contact your designated account manager and they will send over instructions on how to recover your login details.

Placing a debt collection case

1. What information do I need to provide?

When you place a debt collection case with us, we request as much information as you can provide. We usually need invoices and contracts, but also statements of accounts and the debtor's correct contact information.

2. Can I place a debt collection case online?

Yes, that is the purpose of our online platform. It allows our customers to submit as many cases online as they want. After that, they can monitor anything happening with their cases.

3. How long does it take to handle a collection case, on average?

It usually takes about 90 days to handle an amicable collection case. This can vary depending on the communication status with the debtor. If the amicable phase yields no results, we will recommend further action.

4. What is the minimum debt amount that can be collected?

There is no set threshold for us to collect. However, the amount of the debt determines the fees that we charge.

5. Can I upload multiple invoices for the same debtor?

Yes, you can. When you place your collection case online, you will be asked to upload documents at one of the steps.
If you discover more documents to upload after your case has been submitted, please log in, go to the dashboard and contact your account manager. 

6. What are the upfront costs, if any?

In general, we only charge an introduction fee based on the location of your debtor. This is a one-time fee per debt collection case that you should pay in accordance with the stated payment terms. Normal payment terms are 30 days, but please check your invoice for confirmation.
You can find the invoice for the introduction fee under the "Invoice" tab when you log in to your debt management dashboard. Your payment of the introduction fee is essential to enable us to continue the collection of your debt.

During the amicable collection process

1. Would I be charged if I withdraw a case during the collection process?

If you choose to withdraw a case against our recommendation during the collection process, a withdrawal fee may apply. However, you can choose to close the case at the end of our amicable collection phase at no cost. It usually depends on the case and its status.

2. How do I get updates on my case?

The best way to get updated is through our online platform. Every time a new action is taken on your case, it will be updated there. Simply log in to see the status of your case. 
You can also directly contact your account manager anytime. Or you can call your local customer service team’s number, which can be found in your confirmation email or the web contact form. 

3. Can I speak directly to my debt collector? 

Yes, you can, if you already have an open collection case with us. You can log in to our online platform and use the chat function to directly contact your account manager.

4. What do you mean by ‘amicable solutions’? 

Our professional collectors have several ways to reach a settlement on your outstanding debts. This usually depends on the debtor’s situation, but settlement conversations are always conducted in a respectful manner. Settlements may result in a repayment plan or a deal proposal (i.e. a discount), if the entire amount cannot be paid at once.

5. My debtor made a payment just after I placed a collection case with you. Do I still need to pay the fees? 

You become a customer as soon as you place a case with us. That means you are obligated to pay our introduction fee. Please note that our professional collectors begin immediately with collection activities after you place a case with us.

After debt recovery

1. How does a debtor pay the debt they owe? 

Atradius Collections is authorised by you to collect the debt when you place a case with us. The debtor will be asked to make payment to an Atradius Collections' bank account. The paid amount usually determines how much collection fee will be applied before we send it to you.

2. When do you advise taking legal action?

If the amicable collection process is not successful, our professional collector will assess the case for legal action. This is based on the debtor’s financial status, debt age, estimated cost of legal action, available documentation and chance of success. The timeline and costs of legal action will differ per debtor's country and the size of the debt. It is your decision to proceed with legal action – and thus bear its costs – or not.

3. What costs are associated with successful collections?

We only charge collection commission fees based on the amount of debt we recover. A small onetime set up fee applies per each collection case.
There are usually two types of collections *:
  • Domestic cases – We only charge collection commission fees based on the amount of debt we recover. A small onetime set up fee per each domestic case applies.
  • International cases – We only charge collection commission fees based on the amount of debt we recover. Commission is based on your debtor’s location. A small onetime set up fee applies per each collection case which is also based on your debtor’s location. If we are able to charge your debtor for the cost and interest to recover your debt under their respective country’s laws we will retain them.
Please note that upon successful collection, an extra 2% commission will be charged on top of the standard collection fee for invoices that are 180+ days overdue.
*This is not always the case, but the amount never exceeds the quote given by Atradius Collections.​