How it works

With our online debt recovery system, it has never been easier to recover your outstanding business-to-business debts.

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It takes just a few minutes to
submit a debt collection request online.
If you have more than one outstanding debt, you can submit them all and monitor
their collection progress at your convenience.
Simply follow the steps below.

Still not sure?

Everything you need to know is right here in our FAQ section.


Step 1 – Get an obligation-free quote

Provide your company's and your debtor's info

All we need is your company's name, the name of the company that owes you money and the details of the outstanding debt. 

Get your free quote

Our pricing is crystal clear and all potential costs are displayed beforehand. Our fees are based on successful collection and there are zero hidden costs.

Step 2 – Place your debt collection case

Accept your quote

If you are happy with the quote, simply accept it to start placing your collection case. You will need to provide more details regarding your company's and your debtor's first point of contact.

Add supporting documents

These include invoices, credit notes, payment reminders and other records of communication with your debtor. The more you provide, the stronger your case becomes.

Confirm the collection of your debt

After you agree to our terms and conditions and pay the introduction fee, we will begin the collection process immediately. Our global network of professional collectors will perform collection activities where your debt is located.

Step 3 – Keep track of the progress

Stay updated 24/7

From receiving status updates via email, reviewing collection activities to getting in contact with your account manager, our online platform provides an intuitive dashboard that allows you to monitor your case closely.

Manage invoices online

There are usually two occasions when you receive invoices from us. The first occasion is when you place your debt collection case: we will send you an invoice regarding the introduction fee. This is a one-time fee per collection case. The second occasion is when your debt is recovered: we will send you an invoice regarding the success fee applied to the recovered amount. In both occasions, you can view and download the invoices by logging in to your debt management dashboard.

Place new cases anytime

You can place new collection cases while we work on your current case.

Our goal is to successfully collect all your debts so that you can focus on your core business!

Still not sure?

Everything you need to know is right here in our FAQ section.


Start collecting now

Don't waste anymore of your time and resources to recover debts.
Place your company’s debt now – and leave it to us to recover them.
And you can focus on your core business.