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When you request a free quote, we will provide a tailored calculation based on your case.
When you place your debt collection case, you will be able to review our terms and conditions before submitting it.
Please bear in mind that the price you see in your free quote is the maximum fee we charge when we recover 100% of your debt. In case we recover your debt partly, the fee will be reduced in proportion to the collected amount. It will never exceed your original quote – so you can be assured that there are no surprises.

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Did you know that Atradius Collections provides more than third party debt collection services?
To prevent the risk of non-payment, we provide professional accounts receivable management where we take care of your invoices before they become overdue.

Should your debt collection escalate to legal action, we are there to provide end-to-end solutions like legal debt collection, insolvency services, invoice checking and standby servicing – any customised solution you may need for your business.