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More than your average collections company

  • Over 90 years in the business

  • Local presence with offices in 34 countries

  • 96% global coverage

  • We speak your local language as well as your debtor's

  • Our aim is to retain your business relationships with your customers

Multi-channel approach

We use a mix of communication channels to reach optimal results, these include;

Demand letters, e-mails, manual/automatic calls and custom videos. Correspondence frequency depends on case value and our expert advice.

Keep updated 24/7

We aim to collect your overdue invoice as soon as possible. Our amicable collection process lasts on average 30-60 days.

Keep updated with our pro-active case updates.

Transparent costs upfront

We always consult you on your options should we be unable to recovery your money in full. These options could be payment plans, legal action, insolvency procedures. If we are unable to collect your debt, we will provide a comprehensive summary and advise you of case closure.